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Ludiek Pedagogiek

Ludic Pedagogy

Lupe goes beyond borders and invites us to involve the intuitive knowledge in exploring the world.

Ludic Pedagogy

LuPe goes beyond borders and invites us to involve the preconscious, non logical, intuitive knowledge in exploring the world.

“I can think myself, suddenly - out of the blue,
I played it, I knew it!‘

A boy – he was called ‘weak’ by his teachers - played in a ‘ jump in performance‘ * and gave an adequate answer on co players who challenged him strongly.  I cite above his own astonished words afterwards. A beautiful finish of the presentation, after a workshop week at a secondary school in Soweto South Africa (1994).
* Youngsters in the audience, jump in and take over the leading role to cover the dilemma in which they are placed.

For those who want a playful acquaintance to the reasons of this site, there is the sequel to the welcome video.You can enlarge the movie screen. For those who want to read more about the necessity for Ludic Pedagogy,look further in the margin.

NOT THE BRAIN BUT THE IMAGINATON IS LACKING                               


An introduction in play as an important tool for cultural education.  All Culture arises from play, so Huizinga explains us in Homo Ludens (1938)

You can ask yourself why we start with play when we try to realise something new. This introduction gives some one liners from  Einstein . Some images illustrate the dangers of education when education allows logic and reason to prevail.

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