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Ludiek Pedagogiek

Ludic Pedagogy

Lupe invites you to get involved with the information which is the basis of her existence.

Six pyramides

There are six phenomena needed to realise Ludic Pedagogical Education.

Facilitators need to develop human core competences (orange) through essential cultural elements (yellow) in an inclusive learning (green) and guide it artistically (blue) in a playful way (purple). Only if the first five mini pyramids are integrated , the I’s (red - white) will emerge and give participants and facilitators an enjoyable , flourishing and flowering school time. In this way we can raise consciousness out of the unconscious.


Ludic Pedagogic arises out of five mini pyramids and .... The fifth pyramid comes on top of the first four, a sixth one arises in the heart or centre of the Pyramid. Out of the ‘emptiness’ between the fifth and the first four  pyramids arises the sixth. The Ludic and fifth  pyramid influences the circumstances of learning and enables the quality of the sixth.

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