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Ludiek Pedagogiek

Laat vriendschap helen wat grenzen delen

Magic Teacher

LuPes facilitator is a Magic teacher, she is an inspirator, instructor, ensemble player, producer and reviewer. Besides the ‘normal’ teacher qualities as: observer, designer of lessons, organiser, facilitator of an educational process, keeper of all sort of borders, challenger and judge.

This Dutch section is waiting for translation (sponsoring), see the enormous size of the Dutch material on the Dutch site. A summary is translated in German, see that site. here you find some pdfs made from Powerpoints for English Lectures.

Schole: ‘having nothing to do' = 'school'.                             

Joffre Dumazedier

What the bleeb do we know? School is the Western variation of a liminal ritual. School exists between the real world of home and the written world, the here and now and the future focus, being a youngster or an adult, being taken seriously and being treated as a pupil. See Thoughts about learning and schooling

A great diversity is expertise. 

Howard Gardner has offers us great insight in the diversity of learning possibilities. We still don’t honour them all in school. We want to give a summary of his diverse intelligences, to explain why LuPe education is needed. Multiple Intelligence

You  can give them your love, but not your thoughts.           
Help them so they can help themselves. 

Kahlil Gibran en Maria Montessori

How can we develop a curriculum on the values of the past society, on the values of the here and now, in order to facilitate participants for the future? What does it ask from teachers if they want to give space to participants in order to facilitate them for the future? Lupes Facilitator

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