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Ludiek Pedagogiek

Ludic Pedagogy

Lupe invites you to get involved with the information which is the basis of her existence.

Homo Ludens gives the swing,
or the needed momentum to the art of living

"Playing creates, brings order. It realises in the imperfect world
and the confused life a temporary, limited perfection"

LuPe aims not only to prepare participants for society but also  for ‘the art of living’. The wolf comes to Western Europe not only concretely; but hopefully also abstractly as this article aims to show. Ludic Pedagogy strives for ‘ The Art of Living’. Just as the wolf long ago was invited as the first ‘dangerous’ animal to live with people, she invites us now to research intuitive - probably even illogical  paths. For those who live in the post-religion sphere, personal life art becomes more and more important. Religions no longer describe laws for living, everyone needs to find one’s own way. Socrates asks his audience this already in his dialogue Alcibiades. 

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