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Ludiek Pedagogiek

Ludic Pedagogy

Lupe invites us to explore the core of the educational pyramid.



to the site for teachers, facilitators, parents and all those who want to learn something about an art of living.

Playing with all the temporary brings not only the thinking and feeling of movement,
but also provides space to awaken insights.

Ludic Pedagogic borrows the Ludic, the playful from arts and science, with the intention to uplift life itself into an art of living. Unconsciousness and rigidity in terms of thinking and feeling, are in my view major culprits causing wrong things.

Ludic derives from Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga (1938).
This book has been translated into more than 20 languages worldwide.

LuPe = a contraction of Ludic  &  Pedagogy

The wolf was the first animal that has been domesticated by man. She asks us anno the 21st century, whether we want to return back home. The house of the undivided source of unconscious and conscious knowing.

For the continuation, see section  LuPe in a nutshell

summer 2014